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Petra Farewell is the second live album from Christian rock band Petra. It was released in November 22, 2005 by Inpop Records. It is the band's second live album, and their last overall album.

Album historyEdit

Petra Farewell was recorded on October 4, 2005 at the W, in Franklin, Tennessee. The album was produced by the band itself, while former Petra keyboardist Jim Cooper served as project coordinator. Recording was in charge of Mark Linger, while Winn Elliott was the live sound engineer.

Cooper also handled digital editing at Lake Dog Studios, in Franklin, Tennessee. Like the band's previous albums, mixing was done by Tony Palacios at The Palace in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Mastering was handled by Nathan Dantzier at INDIE Rock.

Track listingEdit

  1. "All About Who You Know" – 3:22
  2. "Dance" – 4:32
  3. "Amazing Grace" – 4:29
  4. "Test of Time" – 3:22
  5. "Creed" – 3:14
  6. "Right Place" – 3:57
  7. "Rock Medley" – 10:05
  8. "Jekyll & Hyde" – 3:48
  9. "Acoustic Set" (featuring Greg X. Volz) – 10:04
  10. "Grave Robber" – 4:20
  11. "Keyboard Solo" (featuring John Lawry) – 1:33
  12. "Beyond Belief" – 4:30
  13. "Guitar Solo" (featuring Bob Hartman) – 1:24
  14. "He Came, He Saw, He Conquered" – 4:36



Special appearancesEdit

  • Greg X. Volz – Lead and background vocals on Tracks 9, 10
  • John Lawry – Keyboards and background vocals on Tracks 10, 11, 12

Recording and productionEdit

Art designEdit

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