Greg Bailey is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and bassist. He has been the bassist of Petra since 2002. Although the band retired officially in 2005, they have continued to play sporadic shows.


Greg Bailey joined Petra in January 2002, after hearing from a friend that there might be an opening. After that, he contacted John Schlitt and auditioned.

The year after he joined the band, Petra began working on the album Jekyll & Hyde. However, although already an official member of the band, Bailey didn't perform on the album because producer Peter Furler decided to use session musicians Phil Joel and Wade Jaynes instead.

Bailey said in an interview that he was "disappointed" and that at the time he found out he wasn't playing, "the bass tracks were almost finished." Still, Bailey contributed background vocals as well as his songwriting to the album. He co-wrote the song "Would'a, Should'a, Could'a", along with band founder Bob Hartman.

In 2005, Bailey performed with the band during the recording of their final album, Petra Farewell. Aside of playing bass and singing background vocals, Bailey played the cello during the acoustic set they performed with original singer Greg X. Volz.

After the band retired in 2005, Bailey has continued to perform sporadic shows with the band. He is also part of the 40th Anniversary Tour, which started in 2013. That same year, he played bass for Petra's new song, "Holy Is Your Name", which was included in the 40th Anniversary compilation album.

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